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Daren Crockett
Senior Loan Originator, Branch Manager
Office: (208) 478-8600
Cell: (208) 251-7217
Fax: (208) 242-3824
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Why perks aren't the answer to retention problems
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Why are women only saving half as much as men for retirement?
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Looking for a home in Berlin or Budapest? Prepare to pay more
Europe took 11 of the top 20 spots on a ranking of cities with the largest price increases in the first quarter, according to global property agency Knight Frank.

The retirement mistake that could cost you $100,000 or more
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4 things to do every morning to make your workday more productive
How you start your morning can set the tone for your productivity for the rest of the day.

Forget Summer Fridays. These companies offer cool summer perks
Employers are offering extra summer benefits to their workers to help recruit and retain talent.

The wage gap starts earlier than you might think
Even when it comes to chores and summer jobs, girls earn less.

Even in the gig economy, women earn less than men
A study of more than a million Uber drivers finds a 7% hourly wage gap between the sexes.

A guide to making friends at work
Friendships in the office are important. But they can also cause problems.

Why women need mid-career mentors
For some women, finding one is harder than it seems.

The power of more than one woman on a board
A lot can change when three women sit on a board together.

Borrow like the big investors (with a lot less)
Big time investors have long had the ability to borrow against their investment portfolio. Now smaller-scale investors can do the same thing. But you need to know the risks.

Are your credit card perks shrinking?
Some credit card issuers are pulling back on rewards. But, most likely, the perks that attracted you are still there.

Lessons you can learn in business school that aren't taught in class
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How can I simplify my retirement investments?
If monitoring the performance of your retirement portfolio and periodically rebalancing your holdings interferes with your ability to live retirement as you please, then you should take steps to simplify your investing strategy.

Britain's royal family made even more money in 2017
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Money is more stressful than politics for Millennials
Young people find money the most stressful part of their lives.

What does America's falling birth rate mean to the economy? Just look at Arizona
America's birth rate is falling, but nowhere as fast as Arizona where the recession and a crackdown on immigration is creating a generation that is smaller than those that have come before.

How some women assess safety at a new workplace
Online reviews, whisper networks and more.

How to have a better relationship with money
If you find yourself in a love-hate relationship with money, here's how to get back on track.

Daren Crockett, Senior Loan Originator, Branch Manager NMLS #92768
VanDyk Mortgage Corporation NMLS# 3035
475 Yellowstone #D, Pocatello, ID  83201
Office:  (208) 478-8600
Cell:  (208) 251-7217
Fax:  (208) 242-3824
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